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Jan 19, 2013 9:00am EST
in science ever took it seriously. heresy number four, the concept of randomness is a mistake. there is far less randomness in this universe than today's science believes and far less randomness than you and i often think. this is not a six monkeys pecking out the works of shakespeare universe. far from it. and heresy number five, information theory -- the hot new theory of the last few years -- is not really about information. not at all. its equations cover only a tiny sliver of what the theory claims. the real core of information is what information theory's founder claude shannon called, quote, meaning, unquote. and meaning, believe it or not, is not covered in information theory. why is that a big mistake? because meaning is central to the cosmos. central to quirks, protons, foe tons, flax ris, stars, lobsters, puppies, bees and human beings. why bother with five heresies? because the cosmos herself is the real heretic. the real breaker of the manmade rules of reason. and thanks to her heretical bent, this we call or car -- peculiar rule-breaking cosmos that you and i have been watchin
Jan 21, 2013 7:30pm EST
co-author who is professor of political science at harvard. many years ago when we repose at princeton university, we co-taught a course at the public policy and that led to his co-authored several books on deliberation and democracy. >> host: in the spirit of compromise, you get to vegetative examples. 1986 tax reform health care act. if you work, walk us through this. >> guest: this is a tale of two compromises and begins with ronald reagan presidency, where tax reform was a hugely important issue and hugely difficult issue to get done between republicans and democrats. those of us who lived through the reagan era's recognize that people thought they were very polarized. tip o'neill was a staunch liberal democrat. ronald reagan's staunch republican. yes, they crafted a bipartisan compromise with bradley dan rostenkowski bob packwood being part of the movers of this compromise. password to the affordable care act. it is arguably even more difficult to craft a compromise within one party, the democratic party because of the permanent campaign and how not just polarized, bu
Jan 21, 2013 6:30pm EST
akin. [laughter] a member of the house committee on science, space and technology. it's true. he's the kind of science committee. then there was the theory that romney was a very good candidate , didn't say things people understood, didn't connect with people very well and was somewhat awkward. for instance, when he went to michigan, his home state for that primary and said the trees for the raid had been michigan. the actual quote was i love this state. it seems right here. the trees at the right height. away from here i find no trees to please. no trees at such a perfect height as these. for me i cannot ever be at ease to grow one's knees. or two tall trees that splinter group wisconsin sure has bragging rights on cheese and colorado is where they take your skis. connecticut of course has lyme disease. [laughter] and none of these semi-prepared to say is currently here with the perfect perfect height of trees. [applause] and according to that theory, romney just was in a very good candidate. they should have nominated somebody else. and there is also a theory they were demograp
Jan 20, 2013 7:30am EST
. he holds a jd and a ph.d inñs political science from thisvç institution, an m.a. from hebrew university of jerusalem, and a ba in english literature from swarthmore college. norman podhoretz -- i feel silly introducing these people -- norman podhoretz served as editor-in-chief of "commentary" magazine from 1960-1995, and is their current editor at large. he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom by george w. bush. he served as a senior fellow at the hudson institute and was a senior fellow, and he's the author of many books, and articles including the bush doctrine, what the president said and what it means, world war for. and why are liberal? which should have been entitled why archie is still liberal? he was a pulitzer prize call at colombia university where he urges statute of large in 1950, in the also holds a bachelors and masters degree from cambridge university england where he was a fulbright scholar and a fellow. in addition he has a bachelors degree in hebrew literature from the jewish theological seminary. alfred regnery is managing director of the a new inc
Jan 20, 2013 5:00pm EST
. this is also a policy question. at that concerns me with the regime questions of a political science professor, liberal democracy and clinical science are two types. one is regime to close the type of government you have in the form goes to your regime in the form of government, both culture and the government you should be our foreign policy, keeping gadhafi empower, is that four or in opposition to american interests? i don't get them as issues' notebook. those are policy issues. i'm mainly concerned with regime issues. but you take your point, i am making a distinction between the democratic sovereignty and so i guess they don't have an objection to the overthrow of the burmese government. it would have an objection is a policy, i don't think to be a good policy to change every country in the world i am not advocating not in any sense. we can argue about different policies. i'm saying is a form of government, the liberal democratic nationstate is superior to other forms of government. one would be global governance. others isn't autocratic regime. i talk about russia and china has autocrati
Jan 19, 2013 11:00pm EST
and science those who have more experience and highly credentialed instructors come to do better with the mandatory courses than those who have less experience in the introductory courses. one logical interpretation is a less experienced instructors more likely to teach to the test that has impressive exam scores and happy students with the instructor evaluation. but deal crusty professors that we nearly fired one paragraph ago focus less on the exam and more on the concepts that matter most in the following courses and in life after the air force academy. we need to evaluate teachers and professors to make sure we do our right. long-term policy challenge bruited in statistics is develop a system that rewards the real value added. this is a work in progress. we'll stop there will be happy -- happy to answer any questions. thank you. [applause] >> thank you for writing this book and also "naked economics." hope it sells as well as the other statistic book. >> this is a sequel. in the sense well as with my publisher that book was published by norton and he said update this. that wa
Jan 20, 2013 11:00pm EST
in political science the will tell you if a third party is going to be big on the national level it cannot start small. it's got to start big probably with a superstar like ronald reagan. so once he refused in early 75 to join this third party project rusher had going and wrote a book about, it was probably curtains for that particular idea. but rusher had succeeded in getting them to think more about the need to expand the republican party coming and for the republican party to be more coherent. not so is ideologically coherent it was willing to forfeit elections. i think that rusher was passed that phase of his political development or perspective by then. so he recognized that if reagan wasn't going to head it it was probably not going to get far but he stuck with that. the full details are in the book on chapter 13. but she came to see in the late 70's that it really was possible for a guy like reagan to win the republican nomination, and once he did come ever since reagan won the republican nomination 1980 and had a totally successful presidency, rusher remained to the end of his day
Jan 20, 2013 4:00pm EST
performance over a longer horizon. carolyn west found math and science, the students witch more experience and highly credential ed instructors in the introductory course does better in they mandatory follow-on courses than students in the introductory courses. one logical interpretation is that the less experienced instructors are more likely to teach to the test. in the introductory courses. this produces impressive exam scores and happy stunts when it comes to fill ought instructor evaluation. meanwhile, the old crusty professor,s, whom we nearly fired, focus less on the exam than on the concept which is matter most in the follow yawn courses and life after the air force academy. we need to evaluation teachers and professors, we just have to do it wrong. in the long-term policy challenge is to develop a system that rewards a teachers rival uaddded. this is a work in progress but it's not going away. so i'll stop there and be happy to answer questiones about this book. or neglect else that might be on your mine. thank you. [applause] >> i want to thank you for writing this book and also
Jan 22, 2013 7:00am EST
to be a really great math and science student. i am not. but they filled me with a sense of promise, and they encouraged me to believe in myself. so many of the kids who come into covenant house don't have that, right in and you quinn to think -- you begin to think that the darkness is so large and hovers so resonantly that the light is untouchable. but the great virtue of covenant house being 40 years old and me having been a part of it for 20 years is i now know doctors and teachers and great parents who were once upon a time homeless kids. but someone inside or outside covenant house loved them. so we have to just take care of ourselves and remind ourselves that the light -- and i'm not being sentimental, i really believe this -- the light is so much stronger than the darkness. we just even have to -- we just each have to get in this together to help change the life of a kid. there are people many this city who once a week go down to that shelter and bake a birthday cake to kids who have never, ever had happy birthday sung to them before. kids who then take that down because they
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9